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The LiveJournal "Where's Frank?" Contest

We’re thrilled to announce LiveJournal’s very first photo contest! With all the crafty and creative people here on LJ, we know this contest is right up your alley. This contest is only open to members who are 18 years of age and older, and are legal residents of the United States or its territories (full details in the Official Rules).

For those of you not eligible to enter this contest, you can still compete in our showcase challenge.

What’s the challenge?
This contest is focused around Frank (but of course, who else would we choose?), your artistic skills, and the originality of your photo backdrop.

What are the requirements?
We are accepting submissions fulfilling the criteria below. All submissions are subject to the contest requirements, in addition to the terms and conditions identified below:

  • Join the lj_photocontest community at

  • Download the Frank image (a .pdf file) and print out the image.

  • Color Frank! You may only color the Frank image in non-digital format, including but not exclusive to crayons, markers, pencils, pens, paints, make-up and crafts.

  • Take a picture of your image of Frank in any background or location you want, and submit an entry to the lj_photocontest community with your picture.

  • The entry must display your photo. Please be sure to put your photo behind an lj-cut. Photos which are being linked to from the entry will not be considered as part of the Submission.

What are the criteria for judging?
Judges will choose the submissions with the highest composite scores based on these factors:

  • Content 40%

  • Originality 30%

  • Style 30%

Who are the judges?
Our panel of judges will be 3 people from the LiveJournal staff.

Okay I like goats and all, but are there prizes?
What? There's something beyond goats in exotic locations?

There‘ll be three winners: one “Grand Prize” winner and two “Runner-up Prize” winners selected by the members of the LiveJournal community from a list of finalists that we’ll choose.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a one hundred dollar ($100) gift certificate from, and the Runner-up Prize winners will each receive a fifty dollar ($50) gift certificate from

How do I enter?
Your submissions should be posted to the lj_photocontest community with “LiveJournal Where's Frank? Contest” in the subject line. Submissions will be accepted from Friday, September 28th, 2007 through to 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, on Friday, October 26th, 2007.

Approximately two weeks following the deadline for submissions, we’ll post the judges’ top five selections to the lj_photocontest community. Every user on LiveJournal will be able to vote for their favorite submissions, and voting will close on 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, on Friday, November 16th, 2007. The submission with the top three most votes will win the Grand Prize and Runner-up Prizes respectively. After the polls have been tallied, we'll announce our winners and hand out the prizes!

No purchase necessary. Purchases made to LiveJournal (of a paid account, v-gifts to the judges or otherwise) will not increase your chance of winning.

What will happen to my entry?
LiveJournal reserves the right to use each entry in whole or in part however we see fit, including but not limited to quoting winning submissions in press releases, reprinting entries within LiveJournal, etc. Read the Official Promotion Rules & Regulations (the “Official Rules”) for the full details.

Eligible Contestants
(Our lawyers make us say this.)

The contest is open to individuals who are legal residents of the United States or its territories (excluding Arizona, Puerto Rico and any other jurisdiction that may require a translation of these Official Rules), who have an active e-mail account and Internet access, who are registered users, who are eighteen (18) or older as of 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, on Friday, October 26th, 2007, and who, under applicable law, can form legally binding contracts (hereinafter legal participating individuals shall be referred to as "Participant").

Becoming a registered user is free. The Promotion is not available to any individual who has been suspended or terminated from using Sponsor's or its affiliates’ websites.

Employees of Sponsor, past employees of Sponsor, immediate family members of Sponsor’s employees, or members of the household of any such employees, or any employees of Sponsor's various affiliates, partners, their parents or subsidiaries, or employees of Sponsor’s advertising, promotion, fulfillment or other coordinating agencies, or individuals providing services to Sponsor through an outsourcer or temporary employment agency during the Promotion, are not eligible to participate in this Promotion.

By entering this Promotion, Participant agrees to these Official Promotion Rules & Regulations (the “Official Rules”) and the decisions of Sponsor, which are final and binding in all respects. This Promotion and any participation therein are void where restricted by federal, state, or local law.

Participant must have access and rights to use equipment and software that meets the technical requirements necessary to register for an account at (the “Promotion Site”).
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